Thursday 28 February 2013

The model looks fine!!

I received the waterjet CNC cut parts for the 1:8 scale model of the hull a few days ago. They include a strongback,  frames half shapes, the floor and the 4 planks.

My main concern is to verify whether the planks fit nicely to the frames and whether they overlap correctly all along their length. Plank overlap in the full scale boat is 25mm which will be down to about 3mm in my scaled model. I should therefore be able to verify the correctness of the 3D loft followed by the 2D unroll procedure I used to deduce the "flat" plank shapes using 3D CAD software.

While assembling the model I got the initial impression that things were not going too well, but that was down to the strongback being slightly warped. I then fitted it to a stiffer 12mm ply sheet and things fell sooooo nicely into place!

 The plank shapes are correct, the overlap is well maintained from bow to stern. Success!!

This is a pivotal moment in the project because it basically means that I can go ahead and have the hull components CNC cut out of 9mm and 12mm marine ply.

I now need to design the cutting layout for the frames, the stem profile,  floor, the 4 planks, cb case, seat sides and possibly other bits and bobs including rudder stock and frame doublers.

Lets see eventually how many sheets of ply I will require if I nest parts as tight  as possible...

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