Previous builds

"Janas" a  a Selway Fisher designed Stornoway12 sailing dinghy
 Janas took a while to build... on and off between 2005 and 2012 !! It is built using the clinker ply or clinker lapstrake technique over mahogany laminated frames... nice(!) and contribting to free up useful space. A daggerboard arrangement instead of the original pivoting centerboard allows to free up a nice volume in the center of the boat under the main twarth; This is used to house a small inboard motor in a watertight compartment.
The inboard's previous life was as a Mercury 2.5hp 2 stroke outboard... It was found among some rubbish behind a boatyard. The powerhead was salvaged and adapted to drive a custom made gearbox (F-N-R) and propshaft.
Janas is gaff rigged with a small bowsprit. Compared to the original, the boat has a slightly bigger freeboard, obtained by widening the top three planks.

"Stanislino" a Selway Fisher designed Stornoway 9 
This is a very versatile little all purpose dinghy. It was built over a period of 8 months using the stitch and tape technique. It is currently mostly used with a small outboard but it will soon receive a sailing rig, rudder and centerboard to allow my sons to go out and learn how to sail...