Wednesday 22 June 2016

Beautiful Burano

New friends Olle and Barbro from Sweden who were sailing along with us during VeLa raid sent me this nice picture of "Astrid" close to the shores of the island of Burano.... such nice memories of those beautiful places!

Lagoon concert....

Thursday 2 June 2016

A few pics from Venice

Here are a few pics from Venice, more to come.
Most pictures were taken by new friends Pierre and Katia sailing their Pirmil "Thema" , a beautiful and versatile little boat.
The launch!

No water coming in, just glasses of champagne!

 First official meal onboard

First sail!

 How about that as a skyline?

And that?
Friends Felix and Giuseppe sailing by Pellestrina Island

Running with full sail, GPS was reading 6.5 knots over ground

Windless and beautifully calm

Group lunch

Overall it's been a fantastic adventure, I am totally in love with sailing in those waters...