Sunday 14 December 2014

Gone 3D...

Here we go, got a couple of days off work to concentrate on the Pathfinder project and soon enough the full 3D beauty of this boat design became apparent.

All the components were already built and prepared: floor,  frames, centercase assembly, stem girder, cockpit seat sides, transom. They were already finished with doublers and floors already fixed to them.

The strongback took a little to build and check for proper alignment. As soon as the floor was "draped" on it, it became clear that the alignment of the supports was spot on as the curved floor leaned naturally on all ten of them. Only one support required a millimeter adjustment.

This result wouldnt have been possible, or as easy to obtain without my brand new laser cross light projector. I would really recommend it to all home boatbuilders out there. Mine is made by Bosch and cost below 50 euros. The laser cross is invaluable to check for correct alignment and verticality.

I managed to glue into place the bottom chine stringer wich required some persuadion in order to follow the curved floor edge. Then the centerboard case was epoxied in, then all other components placed and screwed into place; next step would be glueing them permanently.

Ortogonality was checked several times over with the laser light, as well as the spacing between the frames measured countless times. I am not sure I followed John's instructions to the letter, and rather followed what I felt would be the more logic, or easy, way to sequence up the different phases of the assembly. Also in all honesty, in the excitement of seeing the boat taking shape I completely forgot to look at the building instructions....

The result is very pleasing. I find myself staring at the boat's structure for long periods of time, imagining the next steps, the customised solutions I have in mind and then all the way to the first sail onboard her. It's going to be, and it already is and has been, a fantastic journey!