Wednesday 5 September 2018

A new Pathfinder .... (but not for me)

Here are a couple of pictures of a brand new Pathfinder to be. I had been contacted by S. H. a fellow former John Welsford design builder who was interested in the CNC kit I propose.
Under condition that the person is entitled to build a Pathfinder (i.e. has proof of purchase of the plans supplied by John via the well known distributors) I am able to supply a water jet precision cut kit which includes most of the ply components of the hull. .

The kit includes for instance the frames and the actual hull strakes which are cut to exact size, including the clinker overlap as per John's design. Puzzle joints are used to join the three sections that compose each strake. A few extra bits include the full rudder, centerboard case, and ply tools including supports to build a birdsmouth main mast and a router jig to cut NACA profiles on the rudder and centerboard. 
What is not included in the kit is decks, coaming and seat tops which by experience are best spiled and fitted to the actual hull

The kit is the same I made myself for my own Pathfinder "Astrid"; I integrated square plywood hatches (with door and sill elements) in the seat fronts and in bulkhead #1. In my boat I use stainless steel hinges and turn knob to operate the hatches that have proven to be well watertight using self adhesive neoprene rubber strips on the sills.

The kit I prepared for S. H. is cut out of marine grade all okoume 9mm and 12mm ply; nesting the components on the CAD software allow to save considerable amount of ply.
I look forward to meet S. this weekend to hand over the kit. 
After a couple of weeks' work to prepare the strongback, join the bottom plank with its puzzle joint and assemble the CB case, he'll be able to start the actual "making it 3D" process!!