CNC cutting service

Following the experience on this project I am starting to offer a CNC cutting service and 2D template development to amateur boatbuilders.

I can digitize and nest existing boatplans and provide CNC cutting templates in AutoCAD. This applies to :
  • stitch and tape boat designs
  • clinker ply (ply lapstrake) designs
  • plank on stringer designs
I can typically offer nested frames and flat plank templates.

At the moment I can offer the service for the following designs:
  • SFD "Stornoway 9" design
  • SFD "Stornoway 12" design
  • SFD "Able" design
  • John Welsford "Pathfinder" design
  • Gavin Atkins "Light Trow"

CNC waterjet cutting is also an available service now; we can ship within Europe a complete flatpack kit for the design of your choice. This also applies to scaled half models of your current/future/dream boat!

This service is off course subject to the acquisition of a build licence from the boat designer or design owners.

Feel free to contact me for further information!


  1. Hi Lorenzo,

    I'm interested in your CNC templates, perhaps you could contact me? I bought the Pathfinder plans from Duckworks last year, and was thinking about digitising them as way of speeding up (and improving) the build when I saw your blog.

    Liam Elbourne.

  2. Hi Lorenzo,

    I'm still interested in your CNC files, if you could contact me on that would be great.


  3. I too am interested in the Pathfinder CNC templates
    Joe Cannon

  4. I think that CNC files contain data that are used by a specific software.

  5. When will the Pathfinder CNC be ready? Very intested

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  7. Bonjour,
    j'ai lu votre blog avec plaisir et j'aimerais discuter d'un kit CNC de Pathfinder. Cela serait ma seconde construction après un Aber de François Vivier. J'habite à Vannes dans le Morbihan et le plan serait de sortir du golfe avec un bateau plus marin pour aller sur Houat et Hoedic avec ma famille de 5...
    je suis moignable au 0682225662 ou par mail
    jeanyvescollet ad
    merci !
    Jean-Yves Collet