Monday, 19 June 2017

Season opener

This weekend we finally kicked off the new sailing season in grand splendour.
It has been a long time coming due to work and family commitments and the new and time consuming project of moving to a new house.
Winter and spring went away quickly with house refurbishment works having to be designed, planned, authorised and finally kicked off. That took all of our spare time.
The rationale behind the future move is that the house is located in close proximity to the water, about 50m, and it shares a private slip with the other neighbouring houses.

Launching this weekend was an eagerly awaited exercise since testing the slip (which is quite steep) was a long time priority as it ties with the overall idea of buying the house in the first place.
(thank you Laurent for the photo and the help! Thanks dad and Mike for the help too!!)

Launch and recovery went without issues. How nice it is to rig the boat right in front of one's house. I also took a nice picture from our future bedroom window.... where Astrid is seen at anchor in the bay ... while the "real" Astrid and the kids await to walk down for a sail.

The season is officially open!!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Season preparation

Season preparation is starting. So far I've only begun hacking at the to-do list that I wrote while lazying on the sofa during the winter.... improving hatches, improving onboard flexible mounts, clean up and treating the teak floors.... most importantly I'd like to find a solution for a better positioning of the jib sheet fairleads.
The notable achievement so far is that I have fixed the centerboard pivot that had the tendency to come unseated to expose the sealing o-ring leading to leaks. Now it is secured by a bolt holding it into place....

Before: with the retaining latch gone missing the cb pivot has crept out of its intended seating position exposing the o-ring thus leading to leaks

After: the cb pivot secured in place with a M6 bolt