Friday, 4 August 2017

All eyes peeled

Out with dad's boat we motored to the nearby island of Tavolara where a score of small and not so small boats were circling and admiring  S/Y A. 
S/Y A is the largest private sail-assisted motor yacht in the world.
Built for a Russian zillionaire, she measures 140m LOA and rumored to have cost 400M€. Grace not as abundant as her tonnage in my view...

I was actually more drawn towards this other boat, a traditional fishing boat from our waters. Rigged with a large lateen rig,these are very seaworthy and load carrying capable  boats. They have several variants throughout the Mediterranean , but sharing the same base principle of double ended, wide bilge, and wood carvel construction .
This particular example, converted to a family pleasure craft, was motoring around the Dunkirk like flotilla of bystanders admiring the mind blowing size of S/Y A .
Later during the day,  I noticed a lateen mainsail at the horizon. They probably reverted to hoist the sails to enjoy the afternoon warm thermal winds.

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