Monday 29 August 2016

Nice weekend sailing in Sanary bay

We spent a great weekend sailing in our local waters, the bay of Sanary-sur-mer. Launched saturday morning and recovered sunday evening.
On launch day,  door-to-water took about 1.5 hours (including 15 minutes drive). Recovery on sunday took around 2 hours including a stop on the way home to have the boat and trailer rinsed at a local jetwash.

Sailing was great, nice south westerlies 5 to 15 knots. 

We sailed, picnic'ed and enjoy snorkeling in fantastic clear waters.

Along the way we enjoyed a stop at one of the local ports for an ice-cream. That sure set the crew running!

I also spent some time looking at the boat's upwind performance. The GPS tracks from this summer's Sardinia sailing seem to indicate a tacking angle of 125° to 135° when reaching. For what I know the boat should be able to point higher and I finally realised that perhaps I made a mistake positioning the jib sheet fairlead. When fully pulled in the jib angle is not as tight towards the center of the boat  as it could be and that is because I routed the sheet to run outwards of the shrouds. 
A quick check on other pathfinder bloggers site showed that they rather had the sheet running inside of the shroud, allowing a much closer sheeting angle for the jib.
I'll have to ask confirmation in the yahoo group ...

Thursday 11 August 2016

Sardinia sailing

Just a short post to show what we've been up to.... Astrid and it's crew is currently sailing around the northeastern coast of Sardinia, taking each chance to go explore on land