Tuesday 3 August 2021

A video from last winter

 Cleaning up my computer I found this video I made last winter (february ?) of myself and my eldest son out having fun in our GIS "Joy Spring" . What a great day we had!

Monday 2 August 2021

Heading back

It's always fun to be spotted by friends sailing the boat. Here myself and Astrid where heading back downwind to a swing mooring by our house in Sardinia after a daylong wonder around. At the moment the photo was taken I probably had an ice cold beer in mind as I furled the sails and headed for our white buoy!  

Wednesday 21 July 2021

... and again

 Same place, same weekend , and same two pathfinders, Europe (foreground) and Astrid (background)

and here Astrid all alone; it's been a great weekend, great conditions,  great location

Sunday 18 July 2021

Two pathfinders

...zooming fast downwind in lake Pareloup in France . Astrid (trailing boat) and Europe are based in the same coastal town in southern France and attended a fantastic small boat gathering in lake Pareloup. Great fun, great winds, great sailing 

Monday 28 June 2021

Getting away from it all ....

 A short weekend getting away from it all sailing up the coast in Joy Spring my Storer designed Goat Island Skiff. 

Friday 26 March 2021

Monday 1 March 2021

Out with Joy Spring again

 A short sail after work today (actually smart working at home). The wind was a gusty shore wind , where gusts got mixed up even more by shore swirls ... had to be careful 'cause the water is still pretty cold!