Saturday 8 November 2014

10 stringers a-hoy!

After a bit of mess and noise cutting off the 20 scarfs with the router  I have glued up  the required length to make 10 stringers. It took me a while to figure out on the plan why 10 stringers are required as it would seem obvious that only 8 are needed. Well the remaining two are used as seat and bunk flat support along the planks.

The wood I used is carolina pine. My local supplier can only source 4.5 m lengths hence the scarfs. By the way I was particularly happy to buy (once more) wood from him: he's recently struggled after an arson attack damaged his stock and machines.

Thursday 6 November 2014

What's behind a nice behind?

.... oh well, nice raw material(s) to start with and some good deal of work... As is the case for my pathfinder's transom board.

Some 10mm thick mahogany slats are epoxied to the 12mm ply panel shaped as the transom as per the original drawings. I have used clamps in a spreader set up to ensure the slats where compressed against each other while the resin set.

After cleaning up and routing the edge with a flush trimming router bit the result was very pleasing for the eye.

This is the last component I need to prepare before starting to assemble the hull. Yesterday I received the stock to make the stringers ( one scarf joint needed per stringer) and today I have ordered the wood for the strongback.

Hull assembly will start in early december after I get back from  a two weeks' work deployment at sea .... I simply can't wait!