Monday 30 July 2018

First sail Sardinia

Here we are, finally!
Sailing single handed to transfer the boat from the bay I normally launch her to the one where our mooring is. Family awaiting at the destination, I indulge in a slightly more offshore track line to enjoy the perfect north-Easter ("grecale" down here) .

Sunday 15 July 2018

Been busy and something different

Been busy lately organising a small boat cruise/raid in the nearby bay of Hyeres and Porquerolles archipelago. Good turnout is expected, the fleet should count 8 boats!

Also I've recently purchased a nice example of a GIS, or Goat Island Skiff, a nice little boat designed by Michael Storer and built by a friend.

She is light and lively and quite different from the roomier, more sturdy and stable Pathfinder. I chose it as it allows me to take it to the water by foot from our house on a custom built launch trolley (built using bits of my sons' bicycles and skateboards).

The GIS allows me to squeeze in a quick couple of hours' sailing in a hectic schedule centered around work/family/house-renovation-works.

Of course Pathfinder Astrid will keep on sailing: we are taking her to Sardinia for our three week annual sail holiday. Astrid will also feature in the mini raid (see above) I'm organising.