Wednesday 23 January 2013

Trusting the software

Now as I mentioned in my previous posts I have modeled the hull shape in 3D CAD software to allow CNC cutting of all the required components for the build.

The question that was always buzzing in my head is whether the CAD model is correct. Did I draw the shape correctly according to the plan? Did the "unroll" feature to compute 2D templates for the planks do what it is expected to do? Would the plank shape "re-roll" themselves back into the correct 3D shapes once cut and placed onto the build frame??

Being unsure, and also perhaps for a bit of fun, I decided to have a scaled model CNC cut from thin plywood to the exact shapes that were obtained with the process described previously.

The idea is that if the scale model can be succesfully assembled  (i.e. the precut planks shape up and respect the overlap along their length correctly) that would give a strong indication on whether to move on to cut the real thing ... a whole bunch of costly marine ply sheets is at stake here.

Here's therefore the 1:8 scaled model pieces I asked a local company to CNC cut for me. They include  a strongback with notches where to fit frame half shapes. The floor and 4 planks were cut as well from the 2D templates computed in Rhino.

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