Sunday 31 December 2023

Summer 2023 part 2 : Denmark

After exploring the Sheldt river, Astrid end Europe left Antwerp in the morning and launched again in the water in Denmark by the early evening the same day!

On the program was a short cruise in the Baltic sea, namely the Little Belt area that we chose based on a quick study of the sea charts: its islands, fjortds and sandy coastline created an instant appeal and we surely were not disappointed!!

Three days sailing in changing conditions, gusty, sometimes stormy but as well gloriously sunny. We saw seals, heard dolphins swim into the fjords at night, and enjoying fantastic scenery. Sailing was great too, shallow waters, sandy bottoms and coastline offering plenty of options for anchoring up. While we were not lucky with the fishing, we sure did enjoyed the mussels we could easily collect on the shallow sandy bottom!


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