Sunday, 17 August 2014

Laminating the blues away...

Tomorrow's back to work after a three weeks break mostly spent holidaying and sailing with the family... In order to kick the blues away I focused on a fun little project, laminating the stem for our future pathfinder.

The 4mm thick sipo mahogany strips were dry fitted and left there for a while (actually few weeks due to other commitments)  to take the shape ...

The glueing involved priming each surface with unthickened epoxy first and then applying a little quantity of slightly thickened epoxy for proper bonding.

I will leave the lamination to cure a few days for the epoxy to harden properly given the elastic load the strips are subject to.

A fun little project to end the holidays.

1 comment:

  1. You are way ahead of the curve with the lamination. Good job and nice materials. That will be strong as iron.
    I thought about a stem after the planking was done... Luckily I hadnt thrown away a piece of ply from which I cut out the framepiece of the stem so I had a good curve to use.