Monday, 16 February 2015

Sticky Ketchup

Here is an idea I had once completely annoyed of handling the big cans of epoxy and their fiddling pumps for mixing small batches of resin.
I received a brand new 5l 2 pack epoxy system for Christmas (what better gift one can get?) and since the cans are full to the brim it is a bit of a handful sometimes to prepare small batches of the magic potion.

Therefore I cleaned up two bottles of Heinz' best and filled them with resin and hardener (one each, separately!)

It makes for much more handy pouring over the yogurt pot on the scales. Also these bottles have a drip stop rubbery seal that works marvel to avoid spillage and the odd drop that escapes and makes the workbench forever sticky.

My son burst into loud laughter the first time he saw them saying  "Dad look!!! blue and yellow ketchup!!"

... I might have to add warning signs on them!!!


  1. Lorenzo, very good idea. I had worked with scale in previous build and it was always a perfect mix. The pumps are easy but when I need smaller batches I missed the scale system. How are you weighting? Balance or digital scale?

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  2. Hey Rik,

    great to hear from you. I always go for digital scales and tend to prefer epoxy mix ratios which are 1:2 in weight to limit the risk of mistakes.
    The ketchup bottles are very helpful for pouring out precisely small amounts of resin and hardener.... plus they are handy to take into the house in order to warm up before use ... cold weather , you know? ah-uh actually, no , you don't know what that is ..... :) !