Monday, 1 February 2016

Foredeck planking

Here's the only photo I have of the Foredeck assembly process.  The Foredeck is composed of a 6mm ply sheet glued to the deck grounds underneath.  The teak strips decking is already glued to a thin ply sheet.  This is glued with slightly thickened epoxy to the 6mm sheet mentioned above (see picture). 
That makes a sandwich construction with Epoxy throughout which I hope will provide a tough and durable support. 
I yet do not know what product to apply to the teak strips. I've read of deks oliye n°1 saturation oil.  Any suggestion welcome! 

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  1. The beauty of teak is that it's no maintenance, and non-skid. As soon as you put any kind of finish on it, you lose -- at least partially -- both benefits. Why not just leave it to turn grey as the gods intended?