Sunday, 1 March 2015

New wheels

I have recently acquired a new old trailer from an old new friend whom I met only a few months ago during the VeLa raid gathering in Venice. Felix is a thoroughly interesting man, an extremely kmowledgeable sailor and explorer of many iconic and less known places around the Mediterranean.
He's a great friend and extremely fun to be with.

I purchased this trailer from him and took it back to France where it originally came from. In its previous life the beast of a trailer, which measures 7.4 x 2.4 m (!) and has a load capacity of 1000kg, used to carry a fiberglass trimaran.

In its current form it is clearly to big for my future Pathfinder, however given its modular construction it is actually a very easy job to adapt it to the right length and width. A colleague from work has proposed help and a welder to do up the very few welds necessary for the project. I will tackle this soon!


  1. Congrats with the beast on wheels. U have the basic platform to work with.

  2. Looks like a good start. Will you need to have a licence and test certificate for a trailer of that size?

  3. Hello Rik, hello Max, good to hear from you two!
    The trailer of such size (>750kg) requires an official registration in France, however (luckily) there is no test certificate to follow, or programmed inspections. Since the official papers don't state the actual length /width of the beast I think I'll dig in with the angle grinder light heartedly. Off course I plan to leave the welding and mechanical assembly checks to a professional...