Friday, 12 September 2014

Going to the bottom of the question...

Recently I have been busy scarfing, or better assembling the bottom panel of the boat. This is a rather big panel CNC cut out of 12mm marine ply... quite heavy and tough!
As the pictures show the puzzle joint I designed and decided to employ helps to line up accurately the two halves, making sure the panel ends up correctly axi-simmetrical.

I have used epoxy, both unthickened and charged, a 160g/m² biaxial glass cloth inside out and peel ply. The whole under a decent amount of weight.

The result was particularly satisfying and the bottom panel ended up measuring correclty compared to the dimensions given in the plan.

I have also built a simple router gig to cut 1:10 scarfs out of the stringers stock. I cannot source long enough wood planks to produce the stringers in one go hence the need for scarfing.

At the moment both bottom chine stringers (the 70mm wide ones!) have gone through the scarfing process involving routing and glueing.

I intend to glue them on the bottom panel before placing the latter on the build frame.

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  1. The building frame helped me to brace the panels so i could get the doubler on. I also cut into the doubler at certain intervals to make it bend correctly.