Monday, 21 October 2013

First go at some real boatbuilding...

This weekend  our Pathfinder build got into its actual operational phase. Enough fiddling with CAD software, printing templates on paper for checking, assembling scaled models, ... etc...
Hand over the epoxy and lets start putting together the parts we got just before the summer from the CNC cutting shop.
I decided to prepare each component of the boat frames from bow to transom. First on the list was therefore the stem profile, followed by frame 1, frame 2 etc..
At this stage I am glueing doublers and floor supports.

I could not resist and had a go at dry assembly the fore section of the boat. The notches I included in the cutting templates allow to place the frames precisley on the stem profile.
In these pictures is the progress over just a weekend. In the background hanging on the garage wall is the floor planks and their puzzle joints .


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